In my opinion, Correll Contracting Corp. is the “Mercedes Benz” of our local roofing contractors. I’ve used CCC before on a commercial building and I would use them again. I recommend Scott Horton’s CCC team to anyone who wants an excellent job for a fair price – DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! Correll’s roofing installers were fast, clean, courteous, arrived on time as expected. When they departed the work site it was cleaner that when they arrived.”

~T. Suydam


Correll recently did our roof and I have to say they are by far the best contractors I've ever dealt with. Very professional from the beginning with an itemized quote that spelled out everything they were going to do. The crew was very personable, worked quickly and was very clean leaving no trash behind. I would recommend them to everyone.”



Very professional company that did everything needed to install the roof properly the first time. Pleased with the extra effort they put in to make sure no nails were left on the ground after the tear off of the old roof. We were satisfied with everything that they did they are a very professional group of people.”

~Mike H


To all at Correll, Just a quick comment on your attention to a problem that has been a pain in my backside for a long time. Your techs were friendly, respectful, professional and determined to help. I was very impressed with them. It was a positive experience from the start to finish.

~Jim V.H.~

Had a small leak after a couple big snow falls. The initial roofing company I contacted told me my roof was shot and needed to be replaced immediately. Thankfully, I contacted Correll after reaching out to my father for a recommendation. I ...MoreHad a small leak after a couple big snow falls. The initial roofing company I contacted told me my roof was shot and needed to be replaced immediately. Thankfully, I contacted Correll after reaching out to my father for a recommendation. I called them and they sent Kyle out to inspect. Kyle identified a crack in the seal on the snow/rain diverter that runs along the entire length of the ... Read more

they did not fall short. They did two jobs for me. One was last year and the other was this year. I was most satisfied with the schedule. They were here when they said they were going to be.

~Steve D.~


I appreciate the fine quality of the roofing job completed by Correll Contracting Corporation. The roof looks great and the job was set up and cleaned up nicely. Thanks for scheduling us so quickly and completing the job on time. Thanks also to Kyle and Marrissa for the individual attention, and Cola and his crew for their roofing skills.

~Christine S.~


I am satisfied with the price, quality, and scheduling. They met my expectations.

~Bill B.~


I was most satisfied with their straight forward answers.

~Stuart S.~


Correll Contracting Corp. of Gloversville installed a new bi-level roof on my home this June, 2016. I am extremely pleased with the job itself. What I am even more pleased with is the crew that did the work. Watching how they worked says a lot about the company they work for. Not only did the crew leave the property clean as it was when they got there, they went beyond that. I watched as they went around the house with a cleaner wiping down any marks that might have been made by an old shingle falling. They went over the lawn with a magnet to get any nails and then they looked it over twice more. The thing that impressed me most was, at the end of the job when the last ladder was going back on the truck, the foreman stopped them from loading the last ladder. He stood the ladder up to the highest roof because he did not like the straightness of the drip edge. It looked straight to me, but he was seeing something I didn’t. He went back up and adjusted the edge until he was happy with it and then left. During the job, they removed siding and put it back up without a single break in it. Everything is straight and level. All of the edgings were perfect around chimneys and pipes. Management came after the job and went over the entire thing inspecting it. I cannot say enough good things about the crew and Correll. They are a real quality organization.

~Mike M.~


they were very professional and did everything that was contracted to do. We were very satisfied.

~Josephine S~


we were very pleased from our first meeting with Kyle through completion of our installation.

~Frank V.~


overall I am satisfied with the work and materials. I would recommend them. They are a good roofing company. Joe the estimator was very good. Marrissa was also very good explaining the costs and contracts.

~Mark Z.~


Correll Contracting Corp. did a great job. I would like the recognize the crew that did the work for their exceptional service.

~William H.~


I highly recommend this company as I am a retired carpenter and they did not miss a beat. They did everything correctly. I was most satisfied with them because originally, I had issues with my roof and they helped me come up with a plan in where I don’t have those problems anymore. I have a big house and because of that I have ice homing issues. They helped me come up with ventilation system for my roof and soffits and helped me solve my problem besides fixing the roof.

~Bryan B~

Correll Contracting was true to their word and did all they said they would do and that was to do the roofing job the right way. Cola and his team were awesome and thorough from start to finih and I am grateful for their hard work. I also thank the 2nd crew very much for getting our gutters up as well - they look great. We have no roofing worries now. The only issue I had was pinning them down for a start date but when I finally got that set it was smooth sailing. Thank You Correll Contracting for an awesome job. I would highly recommend them just pin them down on a start date - saying with a smile.

~William H.~

I was most satisfied with their timeliness. They were in and out

~Michael B.~


The main roof was a 4. I have a patio roof and I had to have them come ack because they needed to put in anther partial roll of shingles across. There was space and it was not brought up to the ridge completely. They came right back the next day though. They were very efficient, very friendly, and responsive to whatever questions I had

~Amelia R.~


I plan to use Correll Contracting again when I need work done. They only fell short of my expectations with a few minor things, and I was most satisfied with the time frame that they got the job done in

~Daniel K.~


Correll Contracting was on a tight schedule because it was late in the year and they had a small window to get the work done. However they got the job done quickly. It was well executed. I was most satisfied with Correll Contracting Corp because they worked all day and worked very hard. They did a great job.

~Mark R.~


Correll Contracting did a nice job and I'm satisfied with the work done. My nephew was the one that told me about them. They did a great job on his roof.



Correll did not fall dhort of my expectations. My salesman did a great job explaining everything. I was very satisfied – the shingles are beautiful and look great on my house!

~Barbara K.~


I was happy with their reliability and the quality of their work

~Mrs. E~


Correll Contracting replaced my roof and they did a marvelous job. I was impressed with their promptness in completed the project. I love my new roof – it looks pretty, and the crew did a fantastic job cleaning up. I had a small problem after and called the office. The owner's son came up to my home the next morning to discuss the problem. He seemed very sincere and wanted to make things right. I was thoroughly impressed with him.

~Robert P.~


I was most satisfied that they did a really good job
~Vicki S.~


I was very impressed with the knowledge the company has, making me know that the job would be done right. I was very pleased with how efficient the job was done.

~Wendy W..~


They were professional and did a fine job. They were accessible. I made several phone calls to them and they were very responsive to my calls and questions. The salesman who came to my house was very good and very thorough.

~Bruce D.~


I was pleased with everything; Correll Contracting did an excellent job! This new roof has greatly improved the outside appearance of my home, and everyone notices it right away! I was satisfied with the whole job that they did. I am thoroughly pleased with them. I will remember Correll Contracting if I run into someone needing a new roof.

~Georgia D.~


They put a new roof on my house and the job went excellent. Did job within the stated time frame and cleaned up my entire property

~Dale H.~
A Rating

We are SO PLEASED with our new roof. The crew was great – the guys worked very hard. We appreciated the fact that they cleaned up every day before they left the job site. All of them were very polite as well. We would highly recommend Correll Contracting to our friends!!

~Nancy D.~
A Rating

Very satisfied! The crew was very professional and completed the work on time

~John B.~
A Rating
Correll Contracting sided my house and garage – everything was done right and looks great

~Jane R.~
A Rating

They replaced my shingle roof, and the job went as promised

~Joseph U.~
B Rating
Correll Contracting did a roof and gutter replacement on my house and garage. These dedicated workers did a beautiful job on our roof. They were friendly, dependable, and eager to please. We had compliments on our roof the very first day

~David E.~
A Rating

Thank you again. I'm so impressed by all you do and how you do it. The operations manager and the crew were friendly, efficient, and professional

~Gail S.~
A Rating
Correll came to our home to discuss details of the job and gave us an estimate. In a very timely manner, a very hardworking crew of six men removed our old roof, installed new plywood, new ridge vent and new roof on entire house. They worked long days, were very kind to me and my family and cleaned the work area beautifully. We are very pleased!

~Valerie S.~
A Rating

They reshingled my roof. I think they did a great job!

~Robert C.~
A Rating
Seems to be a quality job, but could have progressed better due to rain delays. Workers were pleasant and responded well to all my questions

~Frank D.~
A Rating
They put a new roof on our home. They returned calls and gave estimate in a very timely manner. The roof looks great and they took care of all clean up. They did a good job

~Abigail G.~
A Rating

Excellent work! Courteous, professional, and great to work with. Very understanding to our questions and concerns

~William M.~
A Rating